I'm Gonçalo Tomás, a systems engineer based in Braga, Portugal.

Despite showing interest in computers from a very early age, I never explored programming until my last year at highshool. I studied Computer Science at NOVA University of Lisbon, where I particularly enjoyed learning about Concurrency, Distributed Systems and Systems Security. I graduated in December 2018 after after writing a paper for my Master's thesis, participating in Google Summer of Code and speaking at Code BEAM Lite Munich.

Unlike most of my peers, the first programming languages I was paid to write were Erlang and Elixir, which gave me a great foundation in functional programming, as well as exposure to brilliant coworkers with decades more work experience than me, from whom I drew inspiration and knowledge. Elixir has since become the programming language I'm most familiar with, but I'm also enjoying learning Go and Rust.

Over time I've built a few projects and I usually publish my experiments on my github. I also tend to write about my journey working in the software industry.

Finally, on a more personal note, when I'm not busy with work or parenting I like to spend time tinkering on tiny projects and playing games, especially strategy and wargames.