Current projects

These are the projects I've worked on that are still in production or that I'm still maintaining. Some of them don't focus very much on software engineering but they still show a bit about who I am and what I care about.

  • 17Galaxies

    An implementation of the old multiplayer browser game OGame using Phoenix LiveView. Actively building this, some instability is to be expected!



    Portuguese URL shortener with over 1.3M registered clicks, 11K shortened URLs and 500 registered users.

    Vue.JSNode.JSAWS LambdaAWS S3

  • Memoir'44 Fans

    Fan made community forum for one of my favorite board games with over 300 users and 3.000 posts!

    Community BuildingBoard Games

  • Griffin

    A fast and simple static site generator made for Elixir developers. Inspired by 11ty and Hugo.

    ElixirStatic Site Generation

Project archive

Some of these projects failed while others just ended naturally.

  • FMKe

    A realistic bechmark for (distributed) key value stores written in Erlang for my Master's thesis.

    ErlangDistributed DatabasesBenchmarks

  • Twilight Imperium 4 PT

    A Portuguese online community organizing Twilight Imperium 4 games that ran for 2 years.

    Community BuildingBoard Games
  • Fórum Português

    A Portuguese online community meant to get people off Facebook groups. Failed spectacularly.

    Community Building