Gonçalo Tomás

Msc. Student, Computer Science, FCT-UNL (Portugal)

Well hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet... Try not to get lost :P

My Skills

Please take a minute to look into my current work.


[Almost] The best language for distributed systems, despite the nightmare inducing Prologish syntax. You should try it!


This is one of my strong suits, and I'm trying to keep away from it so I learn more stuff. I want to replace it with C# soon.


I only know how to git properly when I'm on my shell. That's where I keep my aliases. I like aliases. Apt for git workflow.


MEAN Stack, with jQuery and Bootstrap sprinkles. Planned upgrade to React and Material Design components (the real thing).


I follow lots of information security gurus. Someone told me that if I follow enough, I'll know how to secure my website.


Taught lab classes for "Programming 101" Algorithms and Data Structures for freshman year students. Worked with ~90 students total.

About me

I'm a Msc. Student at FCT-UNL in Portugal specializing in distributed systems and software security. Currently on a quest to learn more stuff about Web applications and playing around with website vulnerabilities.

I work better with time to spend on personal development projects because I end up learning many things I get to apply at work. I tend to write on my blog about my current projects and endeavors. Check it out!