About me

That's me and my wife in Peniche, one of the Westernmost points of mainland Europe

Hello there! 👋
I'm a Software Engineer from Portugal 🇵🇹 excited about the future of remote work.

My professional interests are distributed systems, information security and cloud native applications. In my free time I manage several projects I created over the years:

Memoir44 Fans (2019)

Memoir 44 is one of the coolest board games I've tried because it's simple and yet depicts WWII battles with impressive accuracy. The community for the game was limited to a closed group on facebook and an ancient forum that was plagued with spam, so I created a Discourse board for it. In the first year I managed to get about 120 users, mostly lurkers, but I get around 3000 unique visitors per month from all around the world. Overall I feel good to have provided a good platform that enabled posting new type of content like scenarios and campaigns, where users can look at the scenarios before deciding whether to play them or not.

Clica Aí (2017)

A URL shortener service that in English would roughly translate to click.here. The idea was to have a great sounding shortener for Portuguese speaking people. I came up with the idea back in 2017, but only in 2019 had the willingness and help from a friend to bring it to life. It's now fully functional, very cost effective, and I'm actively looking to establish partnerships with companies in order to monetise the project.

Fórum Português (2019-2021)

This is a general purpose forum built for Portuguese speaking people with the goal of building a community which didn't rely on old and insecure bulletin board systems. I learned that people find it hard to justify leaving a platform like Facebook for anything else, and this project really struggled to get traction, leading to it's ultimate demise.